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Academic Excellence in an Introductory Course


David La Bella

Jack Liddell

Roxanne Lipa

Kailee Morel

Danique Robinson

Academic Excellence in the Literature Classroom

Jack Liddell

Luis Pomales-Diaz

Sebastian Nunez

Percy Totten

Deanna Glogowski

Ryan Kelly

Yuliana Sorial


Academic Excellence in a Language Course

Andy Juele

Academic Excellence in the Capstone Seminar


...In Creative Writing

Meili Ellis-Tingle  

Peggy Jackson

...In Literature

Sara Ryan

Justin Hernandez


Outstanding English Minor


Mia Pepe


Outstanding Coursework in Creative Writing

August Catarella

Julia Scott


Outstanding Coursework in both Critical and Creative Writing


Meili Ellis-Tingle

Peggy Jackson

Outstanding Coursework in General Education Course

Etrita Abdullahu

Ebony Chilin


The Charles Mottola Memorial Scholarship


Danique Robinson

Ivanna Alvarado





The Kathy Potter Memorial Writing Award

Emily Sierra


Honorable Mentions

Kyle Hernandez

Peggy Jackson


The Margaux Fragoso Literary Courage Award


Nevin Perkins

Honorable Mention

John Latag

The Walter Glospie Academy of American Poets Prize


Peggy Jackson "Make You Love Yourself"

Honorable Mention
August Catarella "The Mask"




Distinguished Contribution to the Gothic Times


Kenise Brown


Extraordinary Achievement in Publishing

Rebecca Richardson, for founding HYPE

Membership in Sigma Tau Delta


Erick Del Rio

Michelle Diaz

Ryan Kelly

Deja Suarez

Josselyn Torres

Percy Totten

Corrine Williams


Fulbright Fellowships


Gabriella Rodriguez


Outstanding Service to the English Department


Peggy Jackson

Meili Ellis-Tingle


Outstanding Service to the Department by Alumni

Donia Ayoub

Outstanding Peer Tutor


Kyle Odenwalder

Presidents of New Jersey’s Teacher Training Institutions
Distinguished Clinical Intern Award


Victoria McCoy



Keeper of the Flame


Gabrielle Lauria


University Honors


Cum Laude:

Athena Bellotti 

Hamida Lettat

Victoria McCoy


Magna Cum Laude:

Tiana Scott

Percy Totten

Albert Vecellio


Summa Cum Laude:

Meili Ellis-Tingle

Peggy Jackson

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