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Academic Excellence in a General Education Course 

Alberto Rios-Perez 

Mubarika Syed 

Academic Excellence in Introduction to the Study of Literature

Courtney Banoff  

Rin Sarmiento  

Andrea Themen 

Emily Teixeria

Academic Excellence in the Literature Classroom

Jessica Berrios  

Marie Garcia 

Adam Halecki 

Bryan Martinez 

Kailee Morel 

Anjali Paras  

Leonela Velez 


Academic Excellence in a Language Course

Alexandra Williams 

Academic Excellence in the Capstone Seminar


John (Jack) Liddell 

     Creative Writing: 

Marie Garcia, Michele Nahrwold

Outstanding Coursework in Creative Writing

Marie Garcia  

Folly Kouevidjin 

Kailee Morel 

Bruce Vereen-Nealous 


Academic Excellence in Critical and Creative Work  

Khadija Diop  

David LaBella  

Outstanding English Minor

Alyssa Bacay  

Folly Kouevidjin  

Luis Luna  

Outstanding Work in an English Course by a Non-Major 

Erin Badulis  

Jazmin Cruz  

Chiamaka Okwu 

The Charles Mottola Memorial Scholarship

Melany Hernandez 

Danique Robinson 





The Kathy Potter Memorial Writing Award

Peggy Jackson for “Neon Flowers” 

     Honorable Mentions:

Meili Ellis-Tingle for “The Twins”  

Julia Scott for “Nice Things” 

     2021 Judges: 

Mauro Altamura, Cassandra Casella, and William Westerman 

The Margaux Fragoso Literary Courage Award

Kailee Morel  

      Honorable Mentions:

Jessica Berrios  

Marie Garcia 

      Award Committee:

Josh Fausty, Rosa Garcia, Edi Giunta, Krystal Sital 

The Walter Glospie Academy of American Poets Prize

William Van Sickell for "the gray outFIT"




Distinguished Contribution to The Gothic Times

Julie Devoe 


Outstanding Service to the English Department

Marie Garcia  

Kailee Morel 

Excellence in Clinical Practice 

Alexandra Williams 

Rebecca Richardson 


     Cum Laude 

Bahiya Cleveland 

Tyler Darvalics 

Adam Halecki 

Alexander Jones 

AJ Vecellio 

     Magna Cum Laude 

Justin Hernandez 

Krystal Reyes 

     Summa Cum Laude 

Hadia Awan 

David LaBella 

Yuliana Sorial 

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